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Despite our love for bringing stories to life, we will not be ignorant to the climate crisis currently happening across our planet, and we are already taking measures to limit our impact in every way possible.

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'Other' follows the perplexing journey of one filmmaker as he strives to make sense of his identity and life following the revelation of a decades-long hidden family secret.

Directed by Luke Davies & Tamar Mankassarian

In assocation with Whipped Sea

What Would Julie Do?

Faced with the final chance to become a “proper” actress before her Mum cuts her off, part-time fishmonger Alison channels her biggest acting idol for support in getting the role.

Written by Valerie Bundy

Directed by Grace Alwyn Ashworth


Spanish immigrant Lisseth struggles to shield her sensitive 8-year-old son Hugo from prejudice at home and at school after he develops a deep love for nail art, unaware that Hugo may already hold the key to his own protection at his fingertips.

Written & Directed by Gsus Lopez

The Reno

Three women’s lives collide after meeting in ‘The Reno’, a legendary funk and soul club which became the place to be for mixed-race youth in 1970’s Manchester.

Written by Linda Brogan